Back to work

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Twizzle  •  2 Apr 2024   •    

Back to work today after the 4-day weekend, thanks to having Good Friday and Easter Monday off too.

I needed to get some “first week of the month” reporting and customer billing done today and have asked for the rest of the week off, trying to use up some of my leave days before they expire again at the end of the year.

One thing about having time off work, is that it leaves me with a mixture of emotions. I am glad to not have to set the alarm clock, but also listless as I don’t have any concrete activities to carry out. I feel a little anxious that things are going wrong without me and also slightly depressed because I feel empty.

Perhaps that is why I am happy to keep working and not take breaks. The worry of massive failures without me to steer the ship, combined with low mood and no other hobbies. Am I nothing without my job?


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