Brick Dust

tao  •  12 May 2022   •  

The window installation guys have finished and gone and now I am just left with a fine layer of brick and plaster dust over everything. The surfaces and objects I cleaned and dusted yesterday are coated again by their own mini Sahara sand storm.

This is definitely turning into a job of multiple parts. I am sure that in a new-build house the damage would be minimal, but my house was built in the Victorian era, so is prone to plaster falling off the walls as soon as you plug your drill in.

Around the shiny new windows remains a gash into the brickwork where the wooden architrave was removed. Some holes are big and deep, some are cracks that spider off into the distance, bleeding red dust as they go.

It is clear that I need another tradesman to come and sort this mess out before the carpenter arrives in a month to finish the job. I will leave the windows until the weekend and then go around with a stiff brush and bucket and collect anything loose before reaching on on Facebook for someone local to do the job.

Could I do it myself? Probably, but I wouldn’t do a perfect job, so would rather doff my cap and open my wallet to someone more experienced. They will do it in half the time and three times better than I ever could.