Building out a pipeline

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Winkletter  •  23 Jun 2022   •  

I had the day off and decided to dive deeper into Obsidian. Do I like? Well, let’s put it this way, a family member called to make sure I was okay since they hadn’t heard from me all day.

Yes, I’m fine. I’m just testing out some software.

Novels are changing

My goal is to build out a publishing pipeline. I’m still inspired by light novels because they’re helping me see how the market for reading is changing. The novel is loosening. There are people who still want gatekeepers to keep the standards of the market high, but I celebrate every time I read something that’s not as polished, pristine, or perfect as one might expect.

What I’m reading now would have never been published twenty years ago. One chapter was entirely filled with the main character trying out different recipes. And I devoured the book. My goal is to have the first 29 books read by time book thirty comes out in August.

This light novel was like the literary equivalent of Slow TV.

The pipeline for light novels starts with the web novel. Some web novels are selected to become light novels, and some of those are selected to be published as manga as well. A few of those will them become anime.

At each step of the process the story is tightened and adapted for the new format.

Publishing pipeline

So I’m looking to build out a pipeline that starts with me setting up an idea shop where I can test out people’s reactions to the marketing for various book ideas. My plan before was to use Shopify, but it had a fatal flaw that makes it much less appealing for digital content – it requires a home address be entered for every transaction and that’s data I don’t need or want.

And honestly, I don’t want to have to log into a website every time I want to add something.

I’m trying to think how I can build out my own pipeline from my Obsidian vault. I’m really getting more and more idealistic. I want to spend as little time as possible interacting with web forms once I have the pipeline set up.

It might actually help me get this done quicker by placing this constraint on myself. I keep looking at software and trying to decide what to use, but there are just too many points to compare. If I pick this one thing to care about – a path to move content from Obsidian online – I at least a place to start.

Meanwhile, I can work on the backend to make Obsidian the perfect writing companion.