Concerto of life

andrewtsao  •  1 Apr 2024   •    

Walking around the block today

I’m reminded the vitality that is in the trees and blooming flowers

It always makes me smile

the changing of season are my favorite

It reflects this beautiful transformation of energies

that takes place in front of all of us.

Why ask for miracles and magic

when it unfold in front of us, one petal at a time.

Sometimes its easy to be distracted

And forget that life simply about enjoying the passage of time

And witness this dance of the living and life around us.

I forget too.

This is why I felt it was necessary for myself to step out of the tech world

9 years of it, I really did enjoy it

but I feel the earth, the world, and collectie consciousness

Pulling me to be with something different

Something rooted in our natural world.

And I’m listening.

I can’t hear the full concerto yet, but I can finally hear the melody.

And it’s a thing of beauty.



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