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peterdannock  •  22 Jul 2021

I usually take the time to clean up the dinner dishes before I settle into my after-dinner routine. I am not one for leaving the dishes, as it only annoys me later when no one else has done them.

The dishwasher was put on just before we sat down for dinner, and with a two-hour cycle, it was not finished when we rose from the dinner table. So, I told the family to leave the dishes for me later when the dishwasher is finished.

It is now getting late, and I have returned to the kitchen to see the big pile of dishes waiting for me. I don’t begrudge doing them, but I dislike having to clean them up late at night. I know I could do them in the morning, but that just annoys me more. The dishes can’t clean themselves, so if I don’t get to them early, I can’t relax knowing a pile of dishes is yet to be done.

Once I have finished here, I will get out of my chair and go and do them. No more procrastinating, no more delays, they need to get done. Then, and only then, can I relax.