Eyes wide open

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peterdannock  •  12 Jun 2024   •    

I always wake up early, and this morning was no different. I woke up at about 4:30 am, and my first thought was, “Will it be raining in about an hour, or will it have stopped so I could take the dogs for a walk?” I got up and went to the toilet, as I did several times during the night. Now that I was awake, I found it hard to get back to sleep.

I was awake with my eyes wide open, but it was still too cold to get up. I put on my headphones and tuned into the BBC World Service, where I heard the breaking news that Hunter Biden had been found guilty. While this might have been big news for the BBC, it didn’t interest me. I then switched to ABC Sport and listened to the T20 World Cup cricket, which I found more appealing.

The rain continued, so I stayed in bed, keeping warm under my doona. I drifted in and out of sleep, and then I heard the dogs waking up from their slumber, knowing that they would want a walk, rain, hail or shine. On these cold winter mornings, I value the chance to stay in bed a little longer, even if I can’t sleep.


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