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knight  •  14 May 2024   •    

I think there might be a lot of posts about the GPT-4o release, and after watching the launch video, I wanted to share my thoughts.

I was really impressed by the OpenAI release event; it gave me the same kind of excitement as watching Apple events. I’m a bit late to the whole ChatGPT thing, but I’m really excited to see a new release event like this.

Many apps and services are betting on OpenAI’s API pricing, and they seem to have won the battle. The new GPT-4O seems cheaper, faster, and offers better performance.

I don’t think the desktop app will have much of an impact. Many desktop app users prefer to use the API, so the desktop app is more convenient for them.

After the demo, I’m eager to engage with ChatGPT. It’s a whole new level of AI interaction, more akin to a conversation than mere typing. I can’t wait to see what it can do.


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