Grasping opportunities

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viking_sec  •  1 Jul 2022   •  

Very shortly after I wrote my June wrap-up newsletter I hopped on a call with a web designer in Europe. He had said he had a great idea for a start-up application but needed a technical co-founder to work with to develop it all out. I can’t go into details for obvious reasons, but as he went into the project, I got more and more excited! It is a technically interesting, very helpful application that people will genuinely get use out of.

It also has some incredible monetary potential…

So, even after all of that planning, I think I’m going to drop a lot of things and start on this project… even if it’s only for a few weeks. Worst case scenario, I’ve built up more experience and now have a networking partner to chat with.

Best case? A lot of money, blowing HackingFIRE out of the water, and potentially a fast(er) track to financial independence.


Was curious when I read your tweet but now I know! So the app isn’t launched yet but it has great $$$ potential … sounds super exciting… share more please 👍

jasonleow  •  2 Jul 2022, 7:53 am