Hot hot hot

therealbrandonwilson  •  2 Apr 2024   •    

Last night, I might have come close to overdoing heat therapy. 

I had a marathon ping-pong session, after which I was sweating profusely. I decided to keep the party going by hopping into the Relax Sauna. This wouldn't have been a bad thing, except I set the timer for 25 minutes. That would be plenty of time to get a good sweat if I were starting cold. The headstart had me feeling hot, hot, hot, and I couldn't help but hear David Poindexter in my head. 

After the timer went off, I stood up and got a towel to dry off. I was actually feeling a bit light-headed and woozy. I headed straight for the shower to clean off, and I was still feeling a little dazed. When I turned the shower to cold, it felt fantastic. After the shower, I sat down in my recliner to reset and drink some electrolytes. I decided to check my blood pressure, and it was 103/69. That's a pretty low reading for me, but a testament to the effects of exercise and sauna on the cardiovascular system. I am enjoying access to the sauna daily, and it's definitely given me a couple more points on my sleep score.


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