I fixed my mac issues

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knight  •  13 Jan 2022   •  

The latest Mac OS - Monterey, does not support my iMac. It’s a pity since I think the spec is still quite ok; with 32G of RAM, it is still working pretty fine. So I researched how to make my iMac upgrade to Monterey in a non-official way, and I found OpenCore Legacy Patcher. There are a few other patchers, but this seems to be working fine for my iMac 5k 2014 ( 15,1 ) without too much additional work.

I did the patch and installed Monterey by the end of Dec 2021, when I took a one-week holiday. The whole process is pretty smooth but with one problem. Everything app can run without problem except some includes XCode, Page, Number, Keypoint and Craft. All these apps show a security error and terminate.

I tried to re-install the OS and install it on a new partition a few times, but the problem remained; I read about disabled SIP but couldn’t make it work. Yesterday I accidentally found out you need to reset some settings for the disabled SIP work; I tried it, and finally, the setting kicked it. With SIP disabled, I finally managed to kick those apps which couldn’t run.

After two weeks, finally, I solved this issue and can back to full speed of development.


Sounds like the simple solution is to buy a new iMac. 😎 I’m holding out for the next 27" one.

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therealbrandonwilson  •  13 Jan 2022, 3:49 pm

that’s what I m waiting for , but before that the old one must be keep runnig

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knight  •  14 Jan 2022, 12:55 pm