I got boned up this weekend

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therealbrandonwilson  •  11 Oct 2021

I have been experimenting with headlines, and I rather like this one. It makes me chuckle. Hopefully, it makes people at least mildly curious about this week’s newsletter topic.

I had a fantastic experience at OsteoStrong. It’s basically a biohacker’s dream, and not a huge time commitment with only one session a week. Two days later, I don’t feel too sore or beat up. It’s not like a heavy workout where your muscles feel like someone is stabbing them with knives.

I also like the ability to track progress at each session as well as get a DEXA scan to verify my bone density, which I’ll probably do at the six-month mark.

Unless you are older or worried about breaking a hip, I bet most people don’t pay much attention to bones or the skeletal system. I know I’ve been focusing on muscles and metabolism and brain and heart health, but I haven’t paid much attention to bones. I’m glad I discovered OsteoStrong because there is a lot of science to back up this approach. I don’t have bone density issues now, but the key is to also not have issues in the future.


Agree, that’s a great headline! Eye catching for sure

jasonleow  •  12 Oct 2021, 12:52 am