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peterdannock  •  22 Jun 2022   •  

I can get a little irritated when I feel I am being undermined. I think the sense of injustice sets me off, but I have managed to better manage this frustration in recent years. In the past, I would have been indignant about being wronged, and in some cases, my indignation was justified. However, on other occasions, it was a little over the top.

Our emotions and behaviours adapt depending on particular situations. Internal and external social norms play a part in experiencing the feeling of indignation. When something disrupts what is considered a social norm, a violation occurs internally and externally. A range of feelings can be experienced internally, offence may be taken, and the emotion of indignation is ignited.

When blameworthy actions happen, the emotion of indignation occurs, and negative feelings are projected onto the person to blame. I have learned not to blame someone I feel indignant towards. Applying empathy to the situation can help me understand why the other person may have behaved that way.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I have to accept it, and it still requires me to articulate my dissatisfaction calmly and politely. However, not firing quickly can help me assess the situation and determine my best response.