Joypreneurs' reason for existing

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Melanie  •  13 May 2022   •  

Joypreneurs exists for us to be creative, to do what we feel called to do, to play with ideas and new ways of being, to explore, learn and grow, to connect with and being of service to women who wish for more joy and ease, to build community.

If it we earn money doing so that it’s great. If not, it’s OK. We don’t expect it to sustain us financially, we do whatever we need to do to sustain it with love.

We fight the joy killers like fear, ego, self-doubt, people-pleasing, perfectionism, pressure to make money or perform.

We don’t expect overnight success or results. Creating and connecting is all the rewards we could ever ask for.

We’re in this for the long run.


Agree! I find this infinite game of self growth via entrepreneurship to be most interesting. Not the finite games of hitting KPIs, sales targets, or revenue goals.

jasonleow  •  14 May 2022, 7:37 am