June 2022 Review

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knight  •  2 Jul 2022   •  

I didn’t have any goals for June, so I let’s go for a stress-free month, and I believe that is one of my best decision. I had a super busy June of overwhelming freelance work, which caused me to miss out on my writing streak. Only the last week of June that everything back to control again.

I revamp my Adalomatic site again. I rebuild with Notion first but don’t happy with the outcome. So I decided to rebuild with Pory, and I guess I’m finally satisfied with this round.

I initially built a new component for Adalo for my freelance project, but I believe it should help many Adalo makers with the same need. Besides the new component, I have another idea for another component; ideally, I am trying my best to build 2 new components every month starting from July.

Lastly, I m in the process of migrating my Ghost blog to Hashnode; I m going to share more once I complete the migration.

That’s all for my June.