Late Afternoon

abrahamKim  •  22 Jul 2021

Last night, before going to bed, my gf asked if I could wait for her next morning so that she could come and watch me practice tennis. I woke up quite early, but I waited, even though I didn’t think she would wake up anytime soon. And that’s exactly what happened! haha.

It was a good time to get to work on Adagia though. So I did that while she woke up too late for me to go play tennis, and instead the two of us took a walk.

Not the end of the world, I could still get two practice sessions in before the weekend. But then 4:30 came around. And I thought, I should go practice now!

Late afternoon, my game was slower. it took about 20 minutes of hitting to get to the same level where I would start at in the morning. But i got there. and it was a good time. I focused on my backhand again. Did a little bit with my forehand, but didn’t practice serving at all.

Solo practice session #6 was good to try out in a completely different time of day. See how my body works at different hours.