Louie's new mate

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peterdannock  •  13 Jan 2022   •  

After our Groodle, Louie, had a few of his girlfriends stay over during the Christmas break, we realised how happy he was to be around other dogs. Though he gets our company during the day, he seems sad that he doesn’t have a dog companion to play with all the time.

We were fortunate to get Louie, as the breeder offered him to us at no charge, as long he was made available to perform breeding duties. For a dog that can cost upwards of $6,000, it was a good deal for us. And given that he has a gentle and calm personality, he is the perfect house dog.

So, we spoke with the breeder, asking her if she may have another breeding dog that needs a home. As it turned out, she did have one, a newborn chocolate brown mini Groodle. My wife wanted a girl dog this time around, but the breeder didn’t have any available. So I was happy that the available dog was a boy, and we can pick him up in February.

Louie is a medium Groodle, so being a mini Groodle, his new mate will be smaller than him. I suspect they may be like Spike the Bulldog and Chester the Terrier from the Warner Bros cartoons, where Chester is always nipping at Spike’s heals and wanting to know what he is up to.

The family is excited, so it’s time to consider some names for Louie’s new mate.