Make life unfair

jasonleow  •  13 Oct 2021

Life isn’t fair.

Sure, in a perfect world, society should be fair and equitable to everyone.

We should always strive to make changes on the systemic and structural level to ensure no one gets left behind. That we build a compassionate society.

But on the individual level, we can’t expect fairness to be evenly distributed. We can’t expect a perfect world to magically be available to us just because it’s an ideal. Executing an ideal in an imperfect, random world will be uneven at best.

It’s best to stop expecting fairness, on an individual level.

If happiness = reality – expectations, then not having expectations of fairness surely helps with one’s happiness.

In fact, besides being subtractive, I’d add something additive to the mix too:

Go make life unfair using your advantages.
Find your unfair advantage, and leverage it.

Working hard and using every advantage you possess to fulfil your goals and achieve the life you want isn’t going to make others lose out. It’s not a zero sum game.

If we all leverage our unfair advantages unique to ourselves, there’s a chance all of us can win. Together.

Life isn’t fair.
Stop expecting fairness.
Go make life unfair using your advantages.