Mental fitness > physical fitness

jasonleow  •  25 Nov 2021   •  

Being fit is a hot life goal these days.

Going to the gym daily.
Lifting weights.

It seems like fitness had finally went mainstream, and that’s a great thing for all of us. Anything that gets us moving and exercising more is a good thing.

But how about mental fitness?

We work out our bodies, but how about our minds?

How do we get stronger mentally? More disciplined. Think clearer. Be more resilient. Get less distracted. Manage emotions better. Curb our dopamine-driven impulses.

How do we not just be mentally healthy, but mentally thrive?

I’d been observing an emerging new trend that’s coming hot off the heels of physical fitness – mental fitness. Which makes complete sense. After you take care of the body, the mind is a natural next candidate. These trends all point towards mental fitness starting to go mainstream, in maybe the next decade:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Stoicism
  • Writing
  • Mental wellness
  • Therapy
  • Habit hacking
  • Nootropics

I’m probably biased, but amongst the items listed, writing is likely the easiest, cheapest and gives the best ROI. You don’t need to find a guru or teacher. You don’t need to pay for a therapist or doctor. No books required.

Just your smartphone, laptop or an unassuming wad of paper and a pen, and you’re off to a better, stronger mind.

Writing is a workout for the mind.

Just as you lift weights to get strong, write to get mind-strong.

Just as you work out daily to stay fit and healthy, you got to write daily to stay mentally fit.

Mental fitness will be a bigger deal than physical fitness, and I can’t wait for it to go mainstream… especially daily writing!