My Final Post on Lifelog

andrewtsao  •  11 Jun 2024   •    

Today will be my final time posting on Lifelog!

I have not published on here since April 25th.
I am no longer writing daily as part the Streaks club.
I am no longer writing 200 words every day.

But does not mean that I have stopped writing, quite the opposite.

Since Feb, I have made the scary decision to pivot into doing mindset & creativity coaching full time, while stepping away from tech after 9 years.

Ever since the decision, I have felt myself show up differently in the world.

I feel like I am able to tap into a deep well of self-belief and unearthing of my potential that I hadn’t really tapped into before.

It let me to create, write, draw, and record myself more.

It made me realize that I’ve been in a cocoon this whole time, and making the leap felt like me flapping my newsly grown burtterfly wings fo the first time.

Since then I’ve launched my website, I’ve started sharing videos consistently on IG and I’ve just been leaning more into courage and surrender.

I have since landed 5 clients, and am constantly trying to figure out how to build a life in this new direction.

It’s scary.
Scratch that, its FRIGHTENING.

I had to let go of a lot of limiting beliefs that told me that if I moved away from tech I would be leaving money on the table.

Even though I don’t have everything figured out, I am not that scared anymore.

And that’s largely thanks to this space and this community and the little role it played in my transformation.

When I started writing on 200WAD back in the day, it was because I was so scared of sharing anything.

And enclosed spaces like this allowed me to practice writing while still learning the powerful intention behind pressing that “publish” button for someone out there to see.

And over time, it allowed me to have the confidence to show up different space, esp in online spaces.

Today, I finally am ready to move on.

One of the reasons is because I am no longer scared of sharing my writing anymore. I no longer need these little safe walls to help me learn to express myself and my truths to this world, because this safe writing space has helped me EMBODY what it means for someone who wants to write and create every day.

I want to thank everyone for making this space the way it is.
All of you, and the words you’ve shared over the years have all contributed to my transformation and growth in ways you can’t imagine.

Special special gratitude and s/o to @jasonleow.
Thank you for creating this community. For inspiring me through your spirit of entrepreneurship, building, and experimenting. I am grateful for every interaction we’ve had on here.

This may be my last Lifelog post, but I am just getting started in shining my light and words with the world.

If you want to follow along my journey, here’s where I plan to keep showing up in:

  • Andrew’s column (my weekly newsletter)
  • My instagram (where I am most active on. I share short form videos of topics I talk about in my coaching, and I also use stories to share my life and ideas)
  • Twitter/X (I am still actively sharing. No longer sharing tech/no-code cotent, more content around self-love, mindfulness, personal development, and updates around my coaching business)
  • Podcast(I am actually in the process of getting this back up. Part of it is realizing that the name and brand Joy of Building doesn’t completely align with who I am anymore an I am thinking of just naming it Andrew’s Show where I can have show that captures my continued transformation and changes. We’ll see but stay tuned!)
  • Youtube (This is mostly used so far to be paired with my podcast, but as I plan to switch more individual content rather than interviews, I will be experimenting with this more. So come subscribe 🙂)
  • Linkedin (not as active in, but I will occasionally take content from other areas and repurpose it to share here)
  • Tiktok (I am sharing the same videos I made on IG and here)
  • 25 on 25 (My monthly curated playlist + newsletter that I’ve been publishing for 3+ years)

Hope to see you all around! ❤️


I’ll be honest: I was a tad sad when I read the title, but after reading your post—especially

“And enclosed spaces like this allowed me to practice writing while still learning the powerful intention behind pressing that “publish” button for someone out there to see.”

—I couldn’t be happier! One of those moments when it’s a good thing that a customer/user leaves.

Thank you so much for your words, and journeying together here, Andrew. It’s been one hell of a ride. Wish you all the best in your coaching biz. We’ll catch up on X then

jasonleow  •  12 Jun 2024, 1:04 am

You’ll always be part of this lovely community, Andrew! I’m happy we crossed paths here. I appreciate having you as my coach and I look forward to our journey together beyond safe walls! 😄

haideralmosawi  •  12 Jun 2024, 5:06 am

Congratulations - I am super happy for you and will follow your journey onwards to greatness via other platforms. Perhaps it is something we should all note, that 200wad/lifelog is not our final form - we will all evolve from within them.

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Twizzle  •  12 Jun 2024, 6:06 am

Awesome to read you found your way! Also thanks to @jasonleow for keeping the spirit of 200WaD alive and thriving.

phaidenbauer  •  12 Jun 2024, 8:08 am

Congrats! feel free to visit when you need a break lol

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knight  •  12 Jun 2024, 12:56 pm

It was a pleasure reading your journey going all the way back to 200WAD. Isn’t it amazing what happens when you tackle those limiting beliefs? All the best to you as you continue to share your light with the world.

therealbrandonwilson  •  12 Jun 2024, 1:46 pm

Wow. I am amazed to see posts like this. So many of us started this journey together on 200WaD as introverts and here we are now. So many people branching out and doing wild things that are amazing. Congrats Andrew on your achievements and everything you will continue to do. You are inspiring.

keni  •  12 Jun 2024, 4:47 pm

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