My Portfolio Problem

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viking_sec  •  4 Aug 2022   •  

I know how to code.

I’ve been writing code for 10 or so years now, in multiple languages and multiple contexts. I’ve written big and small projects…

But you wouldn’t know it.

I haven’t actually worked on anything for the public. All of my projects have been for work, and the couple I have released ended up just being code in a dusty GitHub repo instead of a launched project.

I tried to kickstart solving this problem by doing my “Launch a SaaS in a week” project, but that wasn’t a super great way of dealing with the problem.

So, I’ve got two or three very small projects that I think will be pretty cool to work on. I’m going to open source them both and actually launch them fairly soon. One has at least a minor income potential, the other is incredibly simple with no real income potential.

The real purpose of these projects is to be an actual functional portfolio piece that proves that I at least know something.

Here goes nothing!