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knight  •  14 Sept 2021

I had several brainstorms on the Premium Member tier for my component store.

What should I offer for the premium member?
Currently, the first batch of members can join as long as they purchase one component. The following 20 should be someone who has purchase more than 20 dollar components. Slowly increase the requirements.

What can I offer for members?

These users are so-called my first batch users, which means they are the first batch of customers that trust me to give me their money; I need to provide them with some rewards for the trust.

  1. Special Member Price for component - since they are willing to pay me when I m just a nobody, they will be the 20% customer that provides me with the 80% of revenue; I should give them a special discount
  2. Vote for Component Development Direction - they should have the privilege to vote the next component that I want to build
  3. Early access of Dola - I going to use this batch of audiences for my next SAAS