Product Weekend #3 kickstart

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knight  •  5 Aug 2022   •  

Finally, after driving for 5 hours plus and catching up with friends, I finally reached the hotel. After a shower and typing this, I have decided I should have my product weekend #3 tomorrow. This is a very rare chance that I m alone without any disturbance, and I can see do I can focus and build something.

I plan to do some exploration on Friday night. Then, focus and build the product on Saturday and wrap up when I return home on Sunday. Most likely, I will keep Monday and Tuesday for my work and anything I leave out while I m away.

So far, I have three ideas to decide which one to build

  1. Readr - my webhookhq 2.0, which is an API that parses the webhook and reads by a mobile app
  2. BerHQ - all one membership authenticate system that authenticated user to show through Payment gateways like Stripe or Newsletter System like Mailchimp or revue
  3. BetaHQ - a system to collect users who want to join the beta

Let’s see which one I will decide to build after tonight’s research.