Questions vs Answers

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Melanie  •  5 Aug 2022   •  

“Hmmm let me think.” It’s not about finding the answer, but about asking better questions, they say. Questions have the power to make us think, and rethink, and see things differently. So I’m curious to hear: what are some questions that made you think and change your approach to something?

Here are a few that I either have been asked, love asking myself and ask my coachees, especially around exploring purpose, fulfilment, more ease and joy:

  • What would you like to think about?
    Notice the difference to: What would you like to talk about? Thanks for raising that Tom and sharing Nancy Kline’s book “Time to think”

  • What if this was easy? How would you approach it?
    Thanks to Gregor McKeown and his book “Effortless”

  • What if this was fun? How would you approach it?
    Credits again to Gregor McKeown, as above

  • What if this was a game? How would you approach it?

  • If you truly loved yourself, what would you do? Thanks to Kamal Ravikant and his book “Love yourself like your life depends on it”

  • If you knew you were beautiful / smart / capable / successful…

  • If you knew you’d die today in three years, what would you do with the remaining time?

  • What did you love to do as a child? What childhood passions brought you joy? Which memories feel exciting?
    Credits go to THNK

  • What kind of compliments touch you?
    Thanks to Carlos

  • If money was no object, what would you do?
    Thanks to Alan Watts

  • If you knew you couldn’t fail and had all the resources needed, what would you do?

  • What can you not not do? Even if you knew that it would be hard and you’d probably fail?

What are some powerful questions that made you think?


Great questions! Love the one by Gregor McKeown. Will add to writing prompts for Lifelog (with attribution)!

jasonleow  •  6 Aug 2022, 5:42 am