Rethinking daily reviews

andrewtsao  •  20 Jul 2021

Whenever someone thinks about “reviews” they think of a corporate process. At least that’s how I feel a lot of people in my life see it. Whenever I bring up something like doing quarter, monthly, or even weekly reviews I get this kind of a roll of an eye that says, “That sounds great. I do that at work for me, and I don’t think I need to do that for my personal life.” Now daily reviews on one hand are a separate beast. As someone who’s good at telling people the importance of doing reviews and the value of retrospectives, but even though I understand it’s important to do each day as well, it’s still one thing I struggle with. Even after adopting the habit of writing in a CBT journal on my phone and recording my sentiment score, it still wasn’t consistent enough. I like writing my thoughts at the end of the day, or recapping the day, but most of the day it felt just one step more convenient and less structured than I would like.

Yesterday, I found a simple format that I would like to try out. It revolves in the 3 letters, H, L, & G:

H = Highlight
Name a highlight of the day. This is one I know is most important because it reminds us to remember, and store how big/small wins make us feel.

L= Letting Go
This is a new one but a really important one. There’s always something that happens in a day that I can learn to let go instead of hold onto. It could be a negative emotion, a subtle resentment, or even some shameful thought.

G = Grateful
To top it all off, always ending my night and the review by thinking about what I’m grateful for. It allows me to wrap up my day fully with a feeling of love and warmth, regardless of how bad of a day I may have had.

If you’re someone who’s always struggled with daily reviews, give this 3 letter format a try! Onwards!