Round 7 at the Island

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peterdannock  •  2 Jul 2022   •  

It’s Round 7 of the Zoom-Zoom Championship tomorrow, and I am back at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit for the second time this year. Though we are in the depth of winter, it will be cold, but there is no rain forecast, so that should be a blessing.

After making some modifications to my car, I am hoping I might go a little faster tomorrow. My current best lap time is 2:01 minutes, and it would be an outstanding achievement if I could get it under two minutes. A cold day should help, as the car and tyres won’t get too hot, and the crisp winter air will aid the engine power.

The Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit is my favourite track. It is a free-flowing track with some challenging slow corners and sweeping fast corners. I never get tired of driving laps on this track.

The weather is looking terrific, and my car is ready to go. I am looking forward to a fun day.