Simple Joys

andrewtsao  •  21 Jun 2022   •  

I have been spending a lot of time in the past two days just watching the most recent season of Stranger Things with my partner and it made me it’s been a long time since we got to just enjoy simple joys like this. While there is still occasionally a part of me that gets guilty when sitting through hours of television, I’m sometimes reminding myself of all the various ways I need to nurture myself to make me better in the long run, and one thing I’ve been missing dearly in the past year was the quality time I get to spend with my partner that is not just reserved for weekends.

I love that when we are enjoying a TV show together, it’s more than just a passive activity. We love pausing at places and discussing why certain dialogue was incredibly well written, or even certain points where we noticed that the film editing was expertly done, or even moments where we point out unique things about the show that we noticed (like the use ofdutch angle in certain important moments)

I miss being able to geek out and just sit back and enjoy good entertainment with her, and I’m glad I have more to look forward to this summer.