Squid Game

keni  •  13 Oct 2021

Yesterday I started watching the show Squid Game on Netflix.
The thing about me - is that I do everything on overdrive. Once I got the chill mode on - I couldn’t stop until the show was done. A whole season of a show. Completed. In less than 24 hours. Very well done show. Great actors. Interesting concept. It feels like there may be a part 2.

Now I feel fully rested.
Ready to go to the next milestone. Pre-2022 things I want to get done.
Since I am actively considering going home in Jan 2022, a lot of my goals revolve around making sure that I have my health, finances and business ideas in place before I go. Since some of my ideas involve making connections in Ethiopia, I will get a lot of the pre-work figured out before then.

Having a vacation at the end of a long work goal, makes it easier to execute.