The Dream Team

keni  •  14 Sept 2021

As I think about what type of team I want to build, I wanted to share my ideas. And I love getting any feedback.

As I shared in a post before, I want to build a team around my current business venture. I don’t have a lot of money. I have a few skills. And I have a few business failures in my past… so I am interested in learning from them.

Based on my own past experience, I have come to realize that I am ok with project management. I can work with people as long as we are aligned with the why of the project. I am difficult to work with if I lose my trust. And I have been working on my leadership skills so I can work on bigger projects in my future.

In my team, I would like to have these skillsets:

  1. Marketing - particularly digital marketing. I know how important a skill this is so I will always be involved but I need to both have an expert and continue learning about it.

Under this umbrella is crowdfunding marketing, social media, blog posts, infographics, referral systems etc… This is a massive chunk of expertise that I have to make sure is there.

  1. Design - Another skill that I know I will benefit from learning. I am actively learning. But in things like UI/UX, I am far from where I can only depend on myself. Another piece that is very important and I would want to have someone with expertise.

  2. Research - I spend most of my days researching. I think googling for information is becoming a skillset by itself. For things like finding funding, new ways of sharing or acquiring customers and feedback, finding the competition, finding the market-fit, identifying where to find talent/ideas/partners/opportunities - a lot of research skill is key. This is a relatively low hanging fruit when it comes to skills but if done properly, can make everything else much easier and smoother.

  3. IT - I have IT skills and that is how I make my living. However, I have little knowledge about back end programming. I have less than sufficient knowledge about cyber security and networking. There are many things that I could buy as a package - say from AWS or Google workspace. But regardless, I need some IT savvy team members.

These are the 4 core things that I see as essential. I have no idea how I will go about getting a complete team like this with the non-existent budget I have right now. But I will find a way to get this done right.


I would say you have nailed the important roles/functions.

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therealbrandonwilson  •  14 Sept 2021, 1:00 pm

Thank you Brandon. That makes me feel good to proceed to the next step.

keni  •  14 Sept 2021, 8:53 pm

+1 with Brandon. Basically, any startup team needs to know how to design, develop, sell.

jasonleow  •  15 Sept 2021, 2:45 am