Travelling woahs!

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peterdannock  •  5 Aug 2022   •  

Tomorrow my wife and I are heading off to Darwin for a week of rest and relaxation. The dogs have been sent to the dog sitters, and we are packing our bags. After hearing horror stories from other travellers, my wife is concerned that our flight might be cancelled or our luggage might not arrive in Darwin.

We are travelling with the ‘flying Kangaroo’, Qantas, whose track record in recent months has been well below par for this renowned airline. Their troubles include baggage not making the destinations, cancelled flights, and long queues at the airport having travellers seeing red.

We will need contingency plans, so we will take some of our clothes in our carry-on luggage, just in case our bags don’t arrive. Also, I will slip an Apple Airtag in our check-in baggage so we can see where it is if it gets lost.

Travelling by plane never used to be this hard, so we will only relax once we arrive in darwin with our luggage.


Apple Airtags with check-in luggages is a neat trick, even in good times! 👍 Stealing this idea for my next travel

jasonleow  •  6 Aug 2022, 5:38 am