tao  •  20 Jul 2021

I read an article yesterday that revealed a little something about the Twitter Affiliate Mastery course I am planning to buy later this month.

I hadn’t really considered that it would also involve building a good Twitter account and “sparingly” tweeting affiliate links over the days. Stupid of me really, it is obvious that this is the sort of account you will need to build to be successful at this.

Initially, my imposter syndrome kicked in and made me think about not buying the course after all. However, I remembered that I am going to do this as an experiment. If I don’t make as much money as I suspect from it, I bet there will be a marketplace to sell popular Twitter accounts too.

I am interested to see which niches the course suggests. I suspect it will be based around writing, health, wealth and productivity. They are all “evergreen” topics and there is plenty of content out there already to repurpose as tweets.

I assume I will be writing a few tweets each day, replying and engaging with others to build my profile and then sprinkling in affiliate links a few times a week. Hopefully the course will be more process driven: “tweet 3 times a day Mon-Sat, then hit them with an affiliate link on Sunday.” That will work for me as a framework. Rinse, repeat.

If that is the case, then I can see myself using a Tweet scheduling tool to get the work done. Either that, or setting aside a few hours each day to create content to be posted.

I am excited to get started.


Oh cool article! Thanks for it. Also looking fwd to reading about your experiments in this space! I might try it abit for one of my other Twitter accounts on keto…

jasonleow  •  22 Jul 2021, 12:34 am