keni  •  23 Nov 2021   •  

Every company on Earth is becoming a media company.

So if you learn to:

• Film
• Code
• Write
• Speak
• Design
• Tell stories

You become an immediate 10x asset for any company on Earth.

Or, even better, you can become your own company.

I saw this message above on twitter. I don’t know how to navigate twitter so I just posted the message. I believe I saw it cause Jason retweeted it.

I think it is very interesting. Every thing on the list is about communication of some sort… even coding is communication with a machine. I remember getting a similar list from reading Scott Adams book that he wrote in the year 2013.

Outside of film and design, the others were on my radar for some time. That’s why joining toastmasters and building on the writing skill made a lot of sense.

But film and design are things I have slowly come to understand and admire.
Just like reading and writing fiction has also become a skill I have realized I want to build on.

For some people, a lot of these things are obvious. For me, it takes a ton of books, time and exposure to people who are doing things. And of course Twitter.

Better late than never.


Glad you caught that RT. ;) It’s pretty uncanny how it listed out all the adventures you’d been having the past year!

With Lifelog I’m realising that I’m running 2 companies at once, rolled into 1 - a SaaS company, and a media company!

jasonleow  •  24 Nov 2021, 2:57 am