What valuable company is nobody building?

keni  •  12 Jun 2024   •    

Spending some time on the site yesterday, I saw this questions set by the platform. I think it is a good one to write about since I have thought about this for a while.

After retirement, a lot of older people have 2 things in common.

  1. Lots of time
  2. Money saved up.

And one problem that most have.

  1. Boredom.

So a company that is focused on addressing the problem with things that are engaging and entertaining would be a great idea. There are lots of places like Chucky Cheese or Dave and Busters that are focused on young people. I don’t know one that is for older people other than a cruise. I think this is a missed opportunity.

Here are some things that I thought of.

  1. A company that would be entertaining while also engaging them to move around so there are health benefits.
  2. Things like puzzles or games where there are prizes built like a sports event so there are teams and similar enthusiasm.
  3. Classes of things that most people might have wanted to learn all their life but didn’t have time or opportunity to do so. Like music, cooking, dancing, painting etc.
  4. Conducting something like a podcast or conference based on the expertise of the people so young people could ask them questions and advice. (my personal favorite)

I especially think of the brain drain to the US of so many people from around the world. It would be such an exciting company to set up especially if it is based around the home country of so many older immigrants in the US.


I think with the ageing population and money saved up, the silver industry will be huge!

jasonleow  •  12 Jun 2024, 10:10 pm

I agree. In general we have so few “third places” to go to besides home and work. For many elderly they don’t even have work.

Winkletter  •  13 Jun 2024, 12:53 pm

Never heard of silver industry before but I get it Jason. They are the ideal target market for many thing.

Exactly Winkletter. With no work and essentially a lack of purpose, most are just bored out of their mind. There is potential there.

keni  •  14 Jun 2024, 3:58 am

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