Where are you right now?

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haideralmosawi  •  21 Jul 2021

I’ve been interested in personal development for over 20 years now, but I constantly fall in the trap of allowing what’s popular to define my priorities. A new idea or topic pick up steam and I feel like I need to learn more about that idea or topic.

I come across book recommendations and quickly add them to my own to-read pile. Are they relevant to me? How important are they to where I am and where I want to be?

Unfortunately, I lose track of these things. I forget about my own journey in life. Instead, I navigate the space of ideas in the personal development sphere, leading to lots of notes, but little action.

Why? Because I’m fleshing out the details of the map without taking tangible steps towards my destination.

Where are you right now?

What do you want to achieve in life?

What are you struggling with?

What can you do where you are?

Don’t lose sight of your own journey. Your own experiences and observations. Your current point and the destination you want to reach.

Be clear on how the resources available to you align with your own goals and ambitions. Don’t get sucked into the discussions and recommendations that only serve others (or more likely act as procrastination fodder that gets people talking and discussing, but not doing much).

Coming back to where we are and what we want can be an extremely liberating experience because it makes what’s most important to us clear, without having to worry about all the other topics others are raising. They might be relevant to us, but not right now. We need to take the journey one step at a time.