Why its scary to pivot

andrewtsao  •  12 Feb 2024   •    

This past two weeks, I have made the scary decision to shift my coaching practice into a new direction and become a mindset coach.

One of the most challenging parts about finally getting here was the thought process of pivoting. It took a lot of asking myself big questions, looking within for strength and direction, and finally summoning the courage to just take a the leap and start.

I’ve been reading the book Burn The Boats during this time and it has really helped me. Here are four limiting beliefs that I had to process through:

  1. “It’s too Risky”
    There was a rational part of me that wanted to stick with something I know which is No-code and no-code coaching which I have been doing for the past two years.

But I realize that one way to reframe is realizing that potentially it’s not even the “riskier path” because when I think about it, it always makes me feel more alive and confident. It’s as if my heart and soul is calling for me to make that decision.

  1. “I’ve already put in so much time/energy/money”
    Sunk cost fallacy is so real. Especially when it comes to jobs or entrepreneurship, its so easy to not want to imagine an alternative reality because of how much investment we’ve already made to the path we’re currently on.

I certainly thought about all the time I’ve invested in building my coaching business, website, even the content and tweets I’ve made around no-code. But I realize that none of it will go to waste, because I still can keep all the skills I’ve learned to this next venture.



“…merely contemplating Plan B diminishes the probability of ever achieving Plan A”

Intriguing. Now I’m interested to read the book! I always felt having a plan B, being diversified, etc would help me get to what I want – a indie business that support my lifestyle. I wonder if there’s some assumptions in there I need to challenge…

jasonleow  •  14 Feb 2024, 1:59 am

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