Wildlife warriors

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peterdannock  •  13 Sept 2021

I am often amazed at the volunteer work that some people do. One of my friends always comes to mind when I think about those people who follow their convictions and do great voluntary work.

My friend has a passion for animals and is a wildlife rescuer. She spends a lot of her time providing care to various wild animals that are sick, injured or orphaned with the hopes of returning them into the wild. Of course, she always has room for a possum or two or a Tawny frogmouth owl.

I am sure that looking after sick animals has to be more time-consuming than looking after kids. The animals are dependent upon my friend for shelter, food and health care. Once they have been rehabilitated, she then releases them back into the wild, with hope and a prayer that they will survive.

They are a dedicated bunch of people, these wildlife rescuers. My friend epitomises this absolute dedication to all animals and the anything goes attitude to prolong the life of a sick animal, even when others have given up hope.

I couldn’t do it, and the best I can offer is to donate some funds to ensure that the work of these wildlife warriors continues.