A change in environment

Winkletter  •  18 Sept 2023   •    

Today, I’ve been browsing stores for outdoor furniture. Recently I stopped hanging out outside. Even on days when I switched my computer off I wasn’t heading out to touch grass. Usually I would go outside with a book to read, but I found myself just sitting around indoors instead.

A couple months back I had to make space for a wheelchair ramp for my dad, and ended up rearranging some outdoor furniture, moving a patio swing to the back yard.

With that change I lost the cozy space that worked as a staging area for me to go outside and then maybe start doing some yardwork. For a few weeks I’ve been looking for the reason why my behavior changed. Did I lose focus? Maybe I was eating too much sugar?

No, I think I just changed my surroundings. So I’m looking to create a comfortable spot again where I sit outside with a book and a cup of coffee.


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