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What our Lifelog members are saying...

Lifelog has been such an easy platform to use, and so welcoming. The community has also been great - loads of encouragements from the site to get started on writing and the other projects I’m thinking about! - @joelfirenze

Whenever I put off writing for some time (even if it's for a few days) I feel awkward coming back to it. LifeLog helps me ensure that writing always feels comfortable, every day. It's not just about the post I publish but the additional writing and publishing it enables. - @haideralmosawi

One of the reasons I enjoy writing here is that I am reminded daily about the goals I have set for myself. Public accountability makes a difference. When you declare your goals your goals in public and commit to writing consistently about them, that’s when the magic happens. Writing can be a lonely activity. It helps to have a community of like-minded people fighting the good fight along with you. It’s nice to see other people showing up every day, right down in the trenches with you... Lifelog is a home for a community of creators who set goals and write about the outcomes rain or shine... I’ve been writing here for over 300 days straight, and I’m just getting started. - @therealbrandonwilson

LifeLog has allowed me to create a daily writing habit - but it's more than that. It is a supportive community of like-minded writers all working towards becoming better versions of themselves. No matter if I am writing about Twitter or exploring my mental health issues, I know that someone is reading and appreciating my thoughts - and that makes a massive difference compared to writing privately or on a blog which will never be read. For me, there has never been a better platform where I have felt both so inspired to become a better writer and also valued as a person. - @tao

I have seen tremendous benefits in journaling and writing everyday. For a shy, introvert like me, LifeLog has been a blessing in disguise. I get to write publicly, connect with like minded folks, get their feedback to dig deep into a topic. Also I get a key benefit - being part a warm and welcoming community. If you are looking to get into the habit of writing and be with an amazing set of people, LifeLog is your place to be. - @santhoshguru

Writing on Lifelog has become one of the most compounding habit I have worked on in 2021. Having a clear idea of my goals, getting the community’s feedback to motivate me and keep me accountable has been priceless. It is great to connect with like minded people from all over the world and share thoughts and ideas consistently. I am definitely a better person for it! Thank you Jason and the Lifelog community! - @keni

Writing for me is a private affair, even though I am happy to share it with others. My writing also allows me to reflect on my life experiences and learn from them. I have a sense of achievement in my commitment to write daily. What does reading have to do with why I write? Well, I believe my desire to write stems from my perceived inadequacies in reading. Pushing myself to write means I also need to push myself to read. - @peterdannock

I write daily at Lifelog to maintain my writing streak, which reminds me to keep writing daily non-stop. The simple interface & warm community are some of awesome Lifelog features! - @knight

What's included in Lifelog

✍️ Distraction-free, minimalist writing that gets out of your way. Write in Markdown - try it here.

🔥 We track your streak for you.

🎯 See the progress on your goals through your tagged posts.

🥇 Unlock achievement badges as you progress.

📝 Over 50+ writing prompts to trigger reflection.

💡 See and be inspired by the goals of others on a similar path.

💬 Chat and nudge one another forward.

🏆 Celebrate wins on the community leaderboards.

💳 30 day free trial, then monthly subscription.

🚫 Cancel anytime. No questions asked.

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How it works

Sign up, set your goals

Sign up for Lifelog, and kickstart your most ambitious goals and life aspirations by setting them in our Goals page.

Write daily about your goals

Write 100 words a day, every day. Write to think, dream, envision, plan your goals. Generate momentum towards your goals by thinking and writing about them daily.

Track your progress

Tag your posts to your goals, and see the record of your thinking and planning over time, as well as your wins and progress!

Who this is for

✅ You always wanted to write more, but not too much.
✅ You want to live more intentionally, with greater awareness.
✅ You're bored of writing alone in your journal or blog.
✅ You want to surround yourself with positive-sum people.
✅ You know writing helps you get clarity for your goals, but want a forcing function to make it habitual.
✅ For creators & creatives - you might already be a creator in some way, or creative or creative in disposition.
✅ You might be a biohacker, developer, early adopter, content creator, marketer, copywriter, startup founder.
✅ People who want to write more and are be interested in these topics: productivity, creativity, performance, achievement/success, habit hacking, biohacking, web development, content creation, marketing, development, tech/startups.

Who this is not for

❌ Literary writers - Lifelog isn’t for literary writers wanting to write their next novel, even if they can join if they want to. There’s many authoring platforms out there that track word count and other authoring metrics better than Lifelog.
❌ Not a critique community - if you’re looking for a community to critique your writing we might not be best fit.
❌ Habit logging - we're not an app for logging your daily habits and streaks.

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