A Medium Experiment

keni  •  21 Nov 2022   •    

I have been thinking about creating a publication on Medium. I don’t want to mix my usual type of writing with the experiment that I have in mind.

I want to write about experiments. Me trying to learn and do new things while I document my findings. I feel that this could be a nice intersection between the things I like doing and the format that Medium wants to promote. Also, I could change the format of the articles to video or audio for other social media platform at some point in the future.

I want to try this for a specific set time frame to observe if I come across a system where it is feasible and enjoyable - while still getting me some traction.

Let’s see where this goes.


I look forward to your experiment.

therealbrandonwilson  •  22 Nov 2022, 1:04 am