A Small World

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viking_sec  •  22 Jun 2022   •  

We always talk about how small the world is, but boy did I get to experience it yesterday.

I was going to buy a used grill from some random person my wife found on the Facebook Marketplace. We were meeting at a storage facility to check it out and take it home. We pull up, the guy is super nice and talks to us avidly about the grill. I ask what he does, he says he’s in the National Guard… turns out, it’s a guy my dad knew incredibly well from the military, someone my dad had gone to Iraq with twelve years ago!

We get to talking… turns out, he’s doing a ton of work for the state’s cyber security and they’re constantly looking for new people and new businesses to help support within the state. We trade information and promise to get with each other and start building some cool stuff.

Absolutely insane how a quick trip to buy a grill from a complete stranger not only lead to me meeting an old family friend, but also may have lead to some business opportunities as well!