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Winkletter  •  23 Nov 2022   •    

I’m looking over my Medium stats to see if I can learn anything. I’ve only published three new articles over the past two weeks and only have 60 views, but the stats are interesting.

No distribution

The first thing I notice is my new stories are not getting chosen for further distribution. My articles used to get curated almost immediately, but maybe I left the platform hanging for too long. I might eventually get Medium’s attention again.

Mostly external

However, my views have taken a huge swing from mostly internal to mostly external. I’m not surprised about not getting internal views since I don’t have distribution, but I’m surprised that my articles are getting picked up on search engines. This may be because I’m writing about newer topics like AI art… topics people haven’t thought about much, so I’m not competing against an endless sea of opinions.

Unfortunately, this means I’m not earning much on the views from unsubscribed readers. This only helps me to eventually get curated by Medium.

More reads

My read-through rates have been consistently higher. My previous articles had a 30% read rate, but these three recent articles have a consistent 52% of people reading the whole article. I think the AI images help. I’m including about 5 images per article and I usually generate those images in the background while writing the article.

But again, people may be reading because I’m exploring new territory.

My conclusion… keep writing about AI art and its implications. Keep dropping illustrations into the articles. Keep up the consistent rate of new articles.


Consistency is key.

therealbrandonwilson  •  24 Nov 2022, 1:43 am

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