Another business idea

keni  •  21 Jul 2021

I signed up to a few sites to find real estate deals. I discovered exactly ZERO deals. I quickly found out that I have to pay a subscription to get any type of useful information. Increasingly, getting reliable and useful information is hard. There is an avalanche of useless data that does an excellent job of burying anything worth finding.

Take books for instance - there are a lot of books with fluff or remix of something already shared in a book. It is a rare treat to stumble upon a book with a new idea. The books that are in my favorite top 10 are those books. I have long stopped looking at reviews to know if a book is good. If there is a cult behind an author, the reviews are all 5 star before the book is out.

Similarly YouTube videos, Netflix shows, Udemy courses and any outdoor experience get the most bombastic marketing. And most often become a disappointment. The fact that marketing has advanced more than the products it is meant for, leads to an unmatched expectation.

I think there is a future in a curated list of recommendations that can help people with the most urgent need. Saving their time. Particularity as it gets harder to unplug from all the things that are mastering how to get our attention.