Another milestone for Open Source Futures

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joelfirenze  •  23 Jan 2023   •    

Every new follower on Medium is a bonus. And today I reached another milestone - I crossed the 300 followers mark, which is was really nice. It still boggles my mind that people are reading and responding to it in this way. And apparently the post that made it was this thing about frameworks - where I combined futures x systems x design thinkings together. I’m in the process of exploring this even more, and I think I will have another version of this in more detail, and hopefully that will perform just as well, if not better.

To me this reinforces my earlier learning that there is a hunger for frameworks to make sense of the world. I suppose as there are more disruptions and incidents, people want something that help them make sense through this. I hope the things I write can help with that in some small way, and it looks like I am addressing that need for a small segment (of Medium readers).

For now, just happy, and hope this organic growth - sometimes slow, sometimes even reversing (but hopefully not too often!), continues.


Love that combo of frameworks. I think it’s powerful. Looking ahead, looking wide, and looking inwards.

jasonleow  •  24 Jan 2023, 7:16 am