Bright Holiday - Day 4

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peterdannock  •  24 Jan 2023   •    

Today felt a little Deja Vue, being another working day on my holiday. No run today, but my oldest daughter and I took the dogs on a lovely early walk along the river. Of course, we had to get a coffee at the earliest opportunity, and our favourite Bright coffee shop was open.

My wife and the girls had a lovely day, though. First, they went off on a tour of some local wineries and cheese shops. They then enjoyed an afternoon walk along the river, encouraging the dogs to swim in the river, but they wouldn’t be in it.

I must admit, I was a little envious of their exploits today when I had to stay and work. Nevertheless, it is still nice to be working in such a beautiful location. Tomorrow will be this week’s last day of work, so I have organised to use a co-share workspace in Bright. It should help me focus a little better on my work.


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