Car and caravan

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peterdannock  •  25 May 2023   •    

Now that my siblings and I are getting closer to retirement age, the conversation with them has been about who had bought the bigger car and caravan combination. Purchasing a caravan and a big vehicle to tow it with is a right of passage for many retirees in Australia. The grey nomads dominate the roads of outback Australia, especially in the middle of the year when the northern parts of Australia aren’t as hot or wet.

Travelling around Australia is a retirement dream for many people. It can take years to get to know Australia, and many people like to do it with the luxury of unlimited time. Australia has a very long coastline, and if you stay close to the coast all the way around, there are more than 10,500 beaches to explore. Having a luxurious caravan and tow vehicle makes the journey all the better.

Unfortunately, I had little to contribute to the conversation, as I have no intention of purchasing a caravan for retirement. The days of being alone in the outback have long gone now that the grey nomads dominate outback highways. It no longer sounds like fun to me.