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peterdannock  •  13 May 2024   •    

After waiting for many years, I finally got access to a digital driver’s licence. The Victorian government has been slow to provide digital licences, especially since South Australia introduced digital driver’s licences in 2019. A digital licence is a secure and convenient way for me to access my licencing information to verify my identity or prove that I am over 18, which I haven’t had to do in many years. My digital driver’s license can be accessed directly from the myVicRoads or Service Victoria apps, and I can use it to prove my driving rights or identity when needed.

I was excited to finally obtain my digital driver’s licence, as it was the last physical card that I needed to carry. I have been using Apple Pay on my iPhone and Apple Watch for years, but whenever I leave the house, I make sure to take my driver’s licence with me, especially if I plan to drive. Failure to produce a driver’s licence when pulled over by the police while driving can result in a fine of $159.00.

Now that I have access to my driver’s licence on my phone, I can leave the house card free.


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