Cats are effective in Social Media

andrewtsao  •  2 Jul 2022   •  

I’ve always known that doing well on social media sometimes feels like a video game. Sometimes, it takes some particular x-factor that can turn authentic content into something that reaches more than one would imagine. To be frank, I’ve never been good at it. Perhaps it’s the sensitivity to posting content for the sake of gaining attention, or intentionally using certain tactics for gamification, or I don’t have the strongest awareness when it comes to understanding the psychology of communities on the internet and finding the right content that would resonate with them (I do better with 1-on-1) but over these few years of just trying to tweet more has definitely made me more comfortable to understanding my own limitation and still find ways where I could be creative. Yesterday, with some quick thinking and with the help of my feline friend, I created my first "viral"tweet in a while.

It was the best performing tweet I’ve had in a long while and by miles. Currently, it has garnered:

  • 9,337 impressions
  • 329 engagements
  • 172 detail expands
  • 23 profile visits

For me, it has been an interesting experiment to see what kind of content works, and it’s unsurprising that a lighthearted joke that includes a picture of a cute cat could find more success than my usual tweets, and it’s a good reminder for myself to continue to use my creativity to play around with writing a different kind of content while always remembering to be authentic.

It feels like a video game that I am finally getting a little enjoyment from and that’s exciting. Onward!