Client From Hell 2022 Edition

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knight  •  22 Nov 2022   •    

I have this client for whom I have helped maintain the website for the past three years; things have changed since they sold the business, and a new “IT Administrator” is on board.

  1. I sent the new invoice one month before the contract ended. The “IT Administrator” doesn’t want to reply to my email and later wants me to convert the maintenance into monthly basic.

  2. I continued to provide the services and changed the invoice to monthly based as per request, but I still didn’t get any payment for two months after the contract ended.

  3. They might want the new vendor to take over; while waiting for their reply, I told them I would adequately transfer to the next vendor, but they need to clear the payment.

  4. Suddenly, they told me they were not going to change vendors and asked me to send them the annual billing again.

  5. It’s been three months since no payments have been received. My usual contact windows at the company tell me the “IT Administrator” found some cheap hosting and asked me to price match.

  6. I almost say, "Go To Hell, " but I am trying to control myself. I reply I won’t price match. You can move over and clear my billing, please. The contact windows give feedback to the IT administrator.

  7. If there is no follow-up action from them tomorrow, I will send a warning email tomorrow to close their services by month’s end.


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