Coming back to a problem

andrewtsao  •  9 Jun 2023   •    

Don’t you just love it when you have a problem that you haven’t been able to solve for a while and you come back to it, and suddenly the answers seem so obvious now?

You don’t know if its because of the time, because of knowledge you’ve gained, or just how the neurons are firing differently today, or maybe just because of something you saw while you took your walk, but it now seems so obvious.

It’s moments like these I have so much gratitude for my brain. I’m thankful for my resilience and perseverance that allowed me to keep at it. And most importantly, the freedom and room I have just to give myself a little more room so that these solutions can slowly form their shape, even though it took a bit of patience.

The next time I face a big problem, I want to keep that in mind. To not try to hammer at it all day, but instead, give me the room to simply come back to it.



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