Content Creation Bar Camp

phaidenbauer  •  11 Feb 2024   •    

A few months back, I saw an interesting idea by one of the Streamer Groups I kinda regularly watch on Twitch. A Bar camp around the Streaming and Content Creation bubble.

So I thought, great, something I could attend to get more insights. But, only streamers allowed. Well, although I’ve streamed in the past, I didn’t think I would be eligible. I sent the application form a few days back anyway and to my surprise, I got approved.

So next Friday and Saturday, I will be attending a virtual bar camp about streaming and content creation. It appears that it is also meant to be a networking event, so maybe I could connect to some like-minded people and even cooperate. It could be really astonishing, I just have to nudge myself into opening up there.

Normally at such events I’m the silent listener, never asking questions, but this could be a great opportunity to get serious on Content Creation and perhaps, eventually, find my niche to earn some money. But again, earning money isn’t the main goal, if it would be I probably had stopped back in 2015 or so when I started.


Would love to hear some of the tips you picked up from the camp!

jasonleow  •  12 Feb 2024, 3:42 am

Sure! Although it is focused on streaming on Twitch, I’ll share my notes here.

phaidenbauer  •  12 Feb 2024, 7:53 am

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