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peterdannock  •  24 Nov 2022   •    

There’s something quite magical about driving a convertible, but they are not the most practical. From how a young child stares in open-jaw awe at the roof folding itself down to the unmatchable thrill of driving with the sun warming your skin and the wind wafting your hair, there’s something quite magical about convertibles.

It all makes sense the first time you drive a convertible on a sunny day.
Your headroom is as infinite as your happiness as you zip around feeling like a film star. It’s a fantastic buzz to be in your car and out in the world at the same time.

It’s probably not surprising that you only really notice the downsides of a convertible when the roof is up. Convertibles are not the most practical choice, and if you’re serious about your driving, you’d probably look elsewhere, but not all car purchases are made for practical purposes. If they were, Ferraris wouldn’t exist.

Convertibles are the last bastion of proper driving, you might say, and to own one is to experience a particular kind of joy that other drivers are missing out on. Unless, of course, the weather turns to crap.